Thursday, 28 May 2009

Another fantastic layout

It would be remiss of me not to mention another fantastic layout I really admire. That layout is the US prototype layout of Gerry Hopkins - the Great Northern (Great Falls Division). Gerry Hopkins is a NMRA Master Modeller and he is also one of the key drivers behind the NMRA Australasian Region. I always take a great deal of inspiration from this layout, which is why I want to flag Gerry's layout as one of my favourites.

I mention it now despite the fact that Gerry doesn't write a model railway blog (to the best of my knowledge) and my last post specifically referred to Blogger bloggers. Having visited Gerry's layout three or four times over the past few years as part of a NMRA monthly layout tour, I am always impressed by the operational and scenic effect of the layout. I also love the track plan. You can tell I am a big fan of interesting track plans that have a strong preference for prototypical operations.

I will, no doubt, mention and discuss a range of layouts that have had an impact on me in some shape or form over the years. Moreover, I am always looking for new things and working through ideas on layouts I see for the first time, or ones that I have even seen before. And of course, there are those layouts I have only heard about through friends, or seen via model railway magazines and the internet.

And speaking of model railway magazines, I have three that have hit my reading shelf in the past week to finish off reading. Something for the next blog post...

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