Friday, 1 October 2010

Sydney Model Railway Exhibition 2010

Tomorrow morning I will be driving from Canberra to Liverpool, Sydney, for the annual October long weekend Sydney Model Railway Exhibition. Since I am staying in Sydney tomorrow night, I'll be back at the exhibition on Sunday as well before driving home.

I have some advance information that tells me that there will be about 30 layouts and over 40 commercial stands. I must say that I have seen most of the layouts before; but then again, I do go to a fair number of exhibitions throughout the year!

Some of the layouts on show this weekend that I have enjoyed before include: Bridport South Western, Enoshima, Eskbank, Muskrat Ramble, Sydney Central Station, Time and Patience, and Waterfall. Muskrat Ramble is featured in the latest issue of Narrow Gauge Down Under (no relation), and Eskbank will be featured in the next issue of Australian Journal of Railway Modelling. And the excellent Waterfall layout will be having its next outing since it was first exhibited in "pristine" form at Canberra in August.

I look forward to the exhibition tomorrow and catching up with Sydney friends and the usual contingent of modellers from Canberra. See you there!


  1. Brad
    You mentioned AJRM above. Is there another issue coming ??

  2. Gary,

    Yes, Stephen and I are working on the next issue for release early next year. Stay tuned!