Wednesday 6 June 2012

Upcoming model railway exhibitions

I have a busy weekend coming up.

This weekend is the Queen's Birthday long weekend. That means there are model railway exhibitions on in Adelaide and Sydney. I will be attending both exhibitions this year.

The Adelaide Model Railway Exhibition is being held at the greyhound track, Angle Park. The exhibition opens at 9am on Saturday and I'll be wandering in some time after 10am. I will spend the day there and then fly to Sydney on Sunday morning.

On Sunday I will go to the Epping Model Railway Club's exhibition at The Brickpit, Thornleigh. The exhibition opens at 10am which will give me time to get there from the Sydney domestic airport terminal (but not by suburban train as the Main Northern Line and the North Shore Line are both closed for trackwork).

I hope to catch up with people and visit the commercial stands at both exhibitions. Should be a great weekend.

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  1. Brad, just came across your blog as I was checking out traffic sources to my own blog "Armchair Modeling"
    I am sure some of our viewers are mutual. There is a lot of activity down under, in most scales. I follow On30 lately as well as HO.
    You speak of attending exhibitions, something we miss in the hot & dry climate of SW Arizona. It is about a 200 mile trip to Tucson or Phoenix, Arizona, or San Diego, California, and mostly for NMRA meetings. So far our shows have been very simple things, 1 or 2 small layouts to adult care homes for 2 or 3 hours on a Saturday.
    I havent gone through much of what you have but will add you to my blog site and book
    mark you.

    Armchair aka Glen Wasson Yuma, Arizona, USA