Monday, 12 October 2020

Virtual model railway exhibitions

It was with great delight that I received an email reminder about a UK virtual model railway exhibition -  the Great Electric Train Show on this week 9-16 October. The exhibition is organised by Key Model World, the publisher of Hornby Magazine and Airfix Model World. You can see that the website format for the virtual exhibition and the two magazines share a common look and feel.


The exhibition website says: "New features will be going live here throughout the weekend (just passed) offering you model railway inspiration, demonstrations, the latest news, quizzes and more at your finger tips. We hope you enjoy the show!"

The layout videos I have watched so far are superb and really showcase both the layouts and the videography. The videos were mainly done by Key Model World, including commentary. Having a professional video library of layouts from or for Hornby Magazine obviously makes a huge difference to the visual experience compared to what one might commonly see on Youtube where the video quality ranges immensely, depending on the equipment, lighting, and skills of the Youtuber.

Key Model World hopes to have the 2021 Great Electric Train Show back on the ground next year. Naturally, this will depend on the pandemic situation at the time. However, virtual exhibitions are a great reminder that one can still showcase some great layouts and products even if we can't be there in person. And who knows when a return to "normal" exhibition attendance will occur?

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