Sunday 16 May 2010

Heads up for the SAR Model Railway Convention in September

I received in the post on Friday the registration form for the Modelling the Railways of South Australia Convention. The convention is being held on Saturday 11th September at the Flinders Medical Centre in Bedford Park, a suburb of Adelaide. This will be Convention No. 15.

I have been to several of these conventions in Adelaide over a number of years and I always find them interesting and rewarding. There is always something to learn, people to meet, and the quality of the convention notes are superb.

Topics being preseneted this year include:
  • the 720 class steam locomotive
  • the Wilmington line
  • the Indian Pacific cars
  • the Moping Branch layout
  • SAR models I've built by the mercurial Frank Kelly
  • stepdown platforms
  • building resin structure kits
I commend the convention to all those interested in the prototype and model railways.


  1. Brad:

    I'm the Associate Editor of Canadian Railway Modeller. I'd like to get in touch with Rod Warren and Vic Fitzpatrick, whose N Scale in Thompson River Canyon was featured at the 2009 Caulfield AMRA exhibition. There is no e-mail address on the AMRA site; can you help me get in touch with these two gentlemen? I'd like to ask them about providing us with an article for CRM.


    John Longhurst, Winnipeg

  2. John,

    OK. I'll see what I can do and get back to you. Won't be for a few days though since I am currently overseas.