Saturday, 26 September 2009

Buying a house for the layout

I spent much of today looking at houses for sale in Canberra. The reason is that the family is sick of renting and we are keen to find somewhere to live that we can call home now that we have settled back into Canberra life (we lived in Canberra for five years in the late 1990s). Naturally, we have some pretty clear ideas as to the type of house we are looking for and what attributes are important to us. You can guess at what I am particularly interested in.

The first problem is that Canberra house prices are ridiculously high; almost as high as Sydney property prices for equivalent stock. The second problem is the complicated triad of relationships between the type of house, location, and the market price (i.e. the price at which someone will pay - often much higher than what most of the houses I have seen so far are actually worth). And thirdly, at what point does one compromise space for that dream layout if nearly all the other desirable attributes of a home can be ticked off the checklist?

The latter point is a problem that I now face after viewing one of the houses for sale today that had most of what we are after within that complicated triad of relationships. The price is within bounds, the basic house layout and structure are ok, and the location is within an acceptable distance from work. And yes, there is a double garage but there is also a solid brick wall down the middle, possibly the original outer wall of an original single garage. The actual length and width of this double garage are also an issue since I don't think there is enough space. The garage is capable of fitting in a car on each side but without too much extra space for anything else (not that I would actually put a car in there!).

I sometimes read about modellers who "build the house around their model railway empire". I'd like to say that this will be possible, but somehow I rather doubt it. Pity really.


  1. Brad,
    Finally getting caught up on some of my blog reading and spent a bit of time reading yours. Very entertaining and we share many of the same interests/approaches to the hobby. Thanks for the mention of the VIC layout with the staff safeworking. . i've been wrestling with that issue myself!

  2. Blair,

    Thanks for your comment. There is so much to railway modelling that it's always good to share experiences and find out new things. And I'm always happy to hear about the thinking and approaches people bring to the hobby - all good stuff!

  3. Build a new house and then you can plan/build your house around your hobby. That way u don't have to compromise too much!!!